Special wines deserve special care.

A product dedicated to winemakers

Our capsule is designed to ensure that Finest Wines have been properly stored during their whole life. They are strictly distributed to winemakers and wineries who are in responsible of sealing them in the bottom of each bottle directly on the bottling line.

conservation vin

What do you know about a bottle before opening it?

As a living material, wine evolves over time but also changes according to its external environment.

Extended exposure of the bottle above 25 degrees might cause wine dilation and a thrust on the cork. Negative temperatures can also have damageable consequences on the wine quality.

In between wine and watchmaking, our object is unique

Beaucarnea was born after 10 years of research and development, and his now protected with several patents. 

The capsule is integrated on the bottling line and permanently records temperature variations of the bottle in its entire life until being opened. Those informations are displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit on the dial. 

Without any digital technology involved, our product is timeless and forever changes the storage conditions of Fine Wines.  

Beaucarnea vin

Beaucarnea, precision and elegance
serving Fine Wines.

Our capsule is purely mechanical and integrated in every bottle of wine. It has been designed to reassure producers and consumers about storage and transport conditions. 

Wine conservation Beaucarnea
Wine conservation temperature


temperature variations since bottling


instant temperature of the bottle


origin and vintage of the wine





Each bottle carries its own capsule to guarantee unique informations. Even after travelling around the world.


Integrated on the bottle line, the capsule is sealed forever and cannot be removed


Purely mechanical, the product is made to respect the longevity of finest Grands Crus.

Made in France

Designed and manufacturated in France, the country of excellence and wine. 


Beaucarnea is suitable for glass bottles available on the market. 


All informations are displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees, readable with bear eyes. 

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Beaucarnea is a tool for wine professionals. It can not be sold to direct consumers because potential temperature variations must be recorded as soon as wine bottles leave the estate.

The technology is 250 years old and does not require any electronic component nor accessory such as a smartphone to be used.

Obsolescence is not possible and informations about wine conservation will remain visible within 50 or 100 years.

Nowadays Fine Wines travel more than ever. But transport conditions are not as strict as for food products, even though damages can be as terrible: warm or cold temperature exposure for a few hours can irremediably alter the wine quality.

“Beaucarnea has been invented to make sure that all the best intentions put into a bottle by the winemaker are delivered to the final customer, inside its glass”, says tegwen Naveos, CEO and inventor of Beaucarnea.

Adding a single capsule on each bottle helps improving traceability, which is more important everyday in the wine business.

Counterfeiting is higher every year and wine enthusiasts need permanent reinsurance. this is why our product is unbreakable (forever sealed to the bottle).

Production will start in september 2023 in Haut-Doubs with our industrial partners, specialized in precision mechanics.

The capsule can be recycled but is not reusable. Closed with ultrasonic welding, the capsule is unbreakable in order to guarantee the origin of each bottle (estate, vintage, transport conditions, …). Consequently, it can not be reused for another bottle.

Anyway, it can be thrown in the glass container after use:

  • the glass bottle will be recycled as any other bottle ;
  • the plastic and metallic components of the capsule will be separated on the sorting line (same as metallic lids or pouring spouts).

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Concours Lépine 2023 Beaucarnea

Beaucarnea participe au Concours Lépine 2023 !

Venez découvrir notre innovation sur la Foire de Paris jusqu’au 8 mai. 

Pavillon 1, Allée V, Stand 9.